HOOKiE are a three piece American rock band that fuses Zeppelin style bluesy swagger with modern rock and punk.

HOOKiE's debut album, "600", released Jan 2018,  available for download here, is a unique blend of no-frills modern rock, dark blues, lively ska and soul. The album was recorded at Sawhorse Studios in St. Louis and is receiving airplay in US and England. 

HOOKiE honed their irresistible sound the same way all the great rock bands did when rock bands were truly great -- by playing and bastardizing cover songs night after night, song after song, and drunken dancer after drunken dancer. By playing off the crowd, playing off each other and mixing sweat and groove with adrenalized fun HOOKiE is quickly becoming a potent draw in the St. Louis market. The key word being "play" -- when HOOKiE is in their groove they are PLAYING music. They keep the vibe loose and intensely grooving at the same time and what they want is to make you move.

See what the buzz is about, join the mailing list, check the calendar -- play HOOKiE!!! It's good for the soul.